Cyrus- Enfield Lead

Project: Enfield IPS

What I do: I am the Team Leader for the Enfield IPS service, working with individuals to support them into paid employment and help them sustain their roles, as well as supervising my wonderful colleagues in their own roles as Employment Specialists. 

Outside of work: I enjoy keeping fit, watching sports and always appear to have my headphones in with music blaring away!


Jane- Employment Specialist

Project: Enfield IPS

What I do: I provide support to individuals with mental health issues to help them secure and retain employment. I assist individual clients to identify their key skills, write CVs, prepare for interviews, and search and apply for jobs. I also provide continued support once they are in work, and advise employers on how to make reasonable adjustments for clients.

Paid employment is important for all of us, not just because it enables us to earn money, but because it is good for our health and well-being and provides continual learning opportunities. I enjoy using my expertise to support and motivate clients to find and retain work.

Outside of work: I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, doing crafts, gardening and taking country walks.

Nicola-Employment Specialist

Project: Enfield IPS

What I do: I am an employment specialist who recently joined the new Enfield IPS team. I am an occupational therapist by background so I am passionate about enhancing well-being through the use of meaningful occupations. Finding work people want to do and which gives them meaning in life is a privilege for me to do so I feel pretty lucky!

Outside of work: Outside of work I love keeping active by cycling, running, hiking and spending time in nature.