Arif - Project Manager

Project: Sew & Support

What I do: My journey with the Horizon starts from 1994. I feel proud to be with this organisation for such a long time. During my time at the project, I have been supervising and training other employees, liaising with care coordinators and maintaining a very good work relationship with local designers. 

On a day-to-day basis I ensure that the project is running efficiently. My principle duty is to guarantee the safety of all participants and staff. I also liaise with teams around the borough to recruit additional Participants. As manager, I aim to bring in as much commercial work as I can for the project whilst making sure that all deadlines are met on time. This involves making sure that my staff are fulfilling their duties to the best of their ability. 

My time at Working Well Trust has been very rewarding, ever since the moment I joined. Throughout my journey, I have had tremendous support from the staff and everyone involved with the organisation.

Outside of work: My favourite hobbies are fishing, cooking and gardening.

 Andre - Access Project Manager

Project: Access - Print Copy Design

What I do: I over see the running of the project which includes 

DTP, the stationery shop and print project. I also train Participant and write training modules in digital printing and print finishing, take commercial print orders and print production. I also liaise with Health Care Professionals regarding the training and well being of there clients. 

I enjoy seeing participants grow in confidence and gaining transferable skills

Outside of work: I enjoy Gym and fitness training and enjoy socialising time with friends and family. I am also a not-so-keen DIYer.

Brett - DTP Project Manager

Project: Access - Print Copy Design

What I do: A big part my role at Access is taken up with training, I train participants on how to produce print ready artwork using a variety of software packages. As well as training I help run the commercial side of the project, by creating and overseeing all the artwork before it goes to print.

Outside of work: I enjoy watching and participating in sports. I support Tottenham Hotspurs and up until recently had a season ticket. I like to keep fit by running and swimming.

Julia - Business and Enterprise Advisor

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Project: Business and Enterprise

What I do:

Outside of work: