If you’re a woman living within Tower Hamlets with a mental health condition and are currently in paid employment, our Women’s Employment Worker can provide you with free, flexible 1:1 employment advice and support to help you achieve your career goals.

We know juggling the roles and responsibilities of work and life can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to manage your mental health on top of other commitments. You may be looking for a change in employment but don't know where to start or you may not have the confidence or relevant skills to progress up the career ladder. 

Whether you’re looking to advance in your current employment, earn a higher salary, work more hours, increase your job satisfaction or begin a new career, we will help to find the right training, education, volunteering and job opportunities that are tailored to suit you.

For more information, contact Rasna Begum on 07494 479 432.

If you would like to refer yourself or someone else, please complete the referral form below and send to [email protected]