Working Well Trust was founded in 1992 by a group of mental health professionals who wanted to address the issue of low employment rates for people who have experienced mental health issues.  At the time it was not expected that our clients would move in to employment of any kind and there was resistance from some other professionals and family members who saw work only as a risk.  Fortunately, this situation has greatly improved and we have seen advances in the specialist support offered to people seeking employment and a change in cultural attitudes towards mental health. 

In the last few years we have adapted this approach to work with people with Autism (ASD), people with learning difficulties, or complex issues including homelessness or addiction.

We have developed the following areas of activities:

Employment Support – we believe that everyone who wants to work can do so if they are offered the right support for them.  Our employment services offer support that meets the individual’s needs using both the traditional stepped approach and the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model.

Employer support – this includes supporting employers to recruit staff and to support them to retain staff.

Social Enterprises – we offer training within social enterprises for people who want to gain a new skill, increase their confidence and be part of a team.  This training can be part of a client’s recovery plan.  Clients accessing these services can also access employment support at the same time.

Business and Enterprise support – providing one to one advice to clients who wish to start up or expand an enterprise.  Support is also offered to self-user groups.

Co-production - Working Well remains committed to the principles of the recovery model and continuously improve its services through co-production.