Phil Evans - Chair

Phil is a Senior IT and Programme Manager in the City of London for over twenty years.  He has managed the successful delivery of large scale projects and contracts using both IT and non-IT solutions. He has developed strong HR skills including the development of systems managing teams of over 250 employees including objective setting, performance reviews and personal development plans.  Phil key strengths are strategic planning and relationship building to achieve organisational objectives.  Although his work experience has been in the finance sector of the City he has also supported and worked with local community and voluntary groups in Tower Hamlets for many years.  He has brought these strengths to his position as trustee and Chair of the board of trustees for Working Well.   

Harriet Kyekye

Harriet is an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and have been HR professional for over 10 years. Over the years Harriet has had the opportunity to work with numerous charities and organisation with a focus for improving the lives of people in need in their communities. Her key strengths are coaching and developing senior managers on people issues in order to achieve overall organisational strategic objectives.  Harriet's career path is a true reflection of her passion to contribute to causes which empower people to reach their full potential.

David Free

David worked as a senior manager in the NHS for 24 years, including 10 years managing large-scale organisational transformation projects. He now works in retail as a bookseller. As a senior manager he developed strong HR, business planning and budgetary management skills and has extensive experience of delivering organisational change with a particular focus on improving the patient and service-user experience. He brings these strengths to his role as Trustee as well as his experience volunteering for community organisations with a particular focus on sexual health promotion.

Brigid MacCarthy

Worked extensively in Tower Hamlets as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and headed the Psychology Department, she also worked in Newham and Hackney.  Brigid now acts as consultant to the health and business sectors on all aspects of mental health with a specialism in organisational consultancy. She has been a trustee for over twenty years and was instrumental in the development of the first Working Well projects.

Donald Martin

Donald has been a Tower Hamlets for nearly twenty five years and is active member of the local community.  He is a highly experienced welder but retired a few years ago, He has maintained his involvement in local sporting clubs and youth activities.  He brings strong business skills to the board along with a practical approach to problem solving.  His influence ensures that the Trust remains true to its objectives and the community.

Helen Moulinos

Helen has been a top-level restructuring and change specialist with over 20 years of international commercial experience within the Financial, Charity and Voluntary sectors, shaping and driving complex technical projects to drive change, improve operational capabilities and service quality. An excellent team leader with strong proficiency at incorporating public and private commercial collaborations to enrich the Charity and Public Health Social Care sector;  .  Her understanding of project development, customer relationships and change management is a great asset for the Trust.  Helen strategic planning skills have supported the board’s proactive approach to the Trust’s long-term business planning and problem solving.  Helen has served as a Board Trustee since 2012.