We here at Working Well Trust have a variety of Projects we would love to introduce you to. With that in mind we asked members of each team to explain about their work in their own words. Why don't you give them a listen to find out more.


The Individual Placement and Support or IPS team for short provide 1-1 support in finding employment.

The In Work Service help provide support to clients already in work

The Women's Employment Service focuses on helping women return to employment. 

The Peer Employment Coach plays a valuable role in providing support by approaching the topic form a point of shared experience.

The Business and Enterprise Service helps clients who wish to start their own business or even a social enterprise.

The Upskill Project helps clients in Tower Hamlets access opportunities to help provide them with the training and skills they need to look for employment.

The London Work Resource Project will work alongside our clients, employers and other organisations to find out more about the barriers facing those with mental health issues trying to find employment.

Access Print and Design is a social enterprise that specialises in digital print on demand, so clients get experienced in technical skills associated with this activity as well as customer service and team working.

Sew and Support is a vocational training social enterprise for people who are experiencing mental health issues by offering them practical skills around aspects of domestic and light industrial sewing.

The Digital Inclusion Project supports people who experience mental health issues to increase their digital skills and access online resources so that they are more included


The Kingston Supported Employment Service helps those with specialist employment needs such as learning disabilities or autism both find and maintain work in the Royal Borough of Kingston


The Enfield Supported Employment Service follows the IPS model to help support those looking for employment in the London Borough of Enfield.