JA was referred by a consultant psychiatrist to the IPS service in December 2018 after he expressed interested in finding part time paid employment. He had been under the care of the community mental health team since 2004 with a diagnosis of severe depression and anxiety with psychotic symptoms. JA had previously worked as a Customer Service Assistant for a large supermarket but he had found that the early starts mixed with his medication were not suitable and only stayed in the role for a couple of months. JA had been in and out jobs before this but had gaps on his CV and felt low in confidence. Initially he struggled to engage with the IPS service as he was finding it difficult to get out of bed and leave the house.

The employment specialist engaged JA over the phone initially, building rapport and explaining how the service could help. He then attended appointments in person and engaged in the vocational profiling process to identify a job role that would suit his support needs. He spoke positively about a previous job working in a car dealership but found the high pressure associated with the target driven environment quite overwhelming. Together the employment specialist and JA identified the optimum shift pattern for him being a start time after 9am and no more than 25 hours per week. A back to work calculation was complete to confirm that JA would be financially better off with this income.

The employment specialist identified a local employer, a hardware store that not only offered retail positions but delivery driver positions too that could be suitable for JA. The employment specialist met with the manager and discussed their business needs and the type of candidates they look for. The employment specialist spoke to the employer about JA, his strengths and how he could contribute to their business. A week later, the manager contacted the employment specialist about a full-time role that JA might be interested in. The employment specialist negotiated that the role be split into part time (25 hour) contracts and it was organised for JA to attend an interview. The employment specialist accompanied him to the interview and JA left saying he had felt comfortable and supported.

JA was offered the role shortly after and started work in May 2019. The employment specialist assisted JA to formulate a plan with his new employer to support his well-being at work. JA is receiving in-work support from his employment specialist and is enjoying his role. Since working, JA reports stability in his mental health and increased confidence.  

 “IPS has given me the confidence to pick myself up and realise that I can find work and move forward with my life without feeling pressured or inadequate. I have been given a new belief system which has had a positive impact on my life. I am really enjoying working and contributing to society”