Business and Enterprise Advice Service

We can advise people and groups who want to set up or expand their own enterprise or business.  The adviser works with clients at any stage of the business from the idea to post launch.  The service covers:

  • Exploring idea viability
  • Business planning
  • Financial help
  • Mentoring support

For many people with mental health issues self employment can be a good option as they can set the work the want to do, how they work and what hours.  Clients using this service can decide at what pace they want to progress their plans and get additional specialist support before they take the next step. 

Clients often use this service at the same time as they are looking for paid work or in training.  Growing a business can take some time before it can replace being employed so having another source of income is needed.

For the groups the service works with the generation of income is often to sustain the activity for the long term rather than personal income.

If you would like to talk to an advisor about setting up your own business or enterprise please contact Julia Lancaster on 020 7729 7557 or email [email protected].

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Business & Enterprise Podcast

'Working Well Trust client, Joseph Thompson, shares his experience of accessing the Business & Enterprise service

" Having someone in my corner to run ideas by and get a little pep talk from when the doubt creeps in (starting a business is hard!) has been so valuable.......Had  I not gone to that first meeting I might not have been confident enough to do what I'm doing now"

 "To have the chance to discuss on a regular basis with someone who has experience of business knowledge of the system and all the support which is available, has been very valuable.....having someone that I can use as external accountability and discuss my progress has been a driver to go on and also do the more scary things"