Our Commitment

Co-production is a way of working that involves people who use our services, carers, service stakeholders and the community to design, deliver and evaluate our services. It is based on respecting people’s strengths, mutual respect and recognising every contribution.

Working Well Trust is committed to using the co-production approach in all of our services and in how those services are delivered. For example:

In the enterprises – clients work with staff to decide how commercial work is prioritised and how the training is delivered to meet their individual needs.

In the employment services – clients lead on action planning by identifying their strengths and aims, and then work with the staff to reach their goals.


Getting Involved

As you can see co-production is something we do everyday in all of the services as clients work with staff to achieve goals. However, there are other ways of getting involved in co-production to support the work of the Trust:



People with lived experience of mental health can help recruit Working Well staff. Two panels decide on the successful candidate, a staff and a stakeholder panel. The stakeholder panel is made up of ex and current clients. Each panel has 50% of the score. Training is available for people wanting to become a panel member.


Working Groups

Each of the projects has a working or steering group that reviews the activities of the service and creates development plans. In this way the service should be developed to meet the real needs of clients.


Task Groups

Occasionally we form a special group to work on a specific issue or for an event. Recent examples include a branding group to look at our marketing materials and a group who commissioned and oversaw a promotional video for Upskill.



Clients co-review all of our services including the commissioning, design and delivery of evaluations. Clients can be involved in all parts of the evaluation or choose to take part in a special area of interest such as agreeing the content of questionnaires or designing the final report.


Grants and Applications

We ask clients to be involved in developing ideas for grant and contract applications. This can be just agreeing an idea for a future application or helping draft an application with a specific funder in mind.


Management Committees

Ex-clients can join apply to join our management committee.

If you would like to get involved please contact Helen Forster on [email protected]