One to one

Support offered includes:

  • Discussing whether to disclose your mental health to an employer
  • Helping clients learn how to use public transport, manage travel anxiety, accompanying when appropriate to help clients build confidence and independence
  • Dealing with social situations at work
  • Helping with job searching
  • Assistance completing health questionnaires once in employment (ie OH assessments)
  • Attending employer meetings in the engagement period as a 'walking case' study'
  • Supporting clients at work eg by having regular contact, meeting clients during their working day or providing phone support
  • Giving clients common ground so they can hope that they too can achieve their employment goals
  • Meeting people who aren't sure about employment and discussing options.

Group Support

The peer worker also arranges a regular peer support group for people looking for work or already have a job.  If you are interested in joining the group please contact Murat by emailing him at [email protected]