Population and Economics

Working Well Trust is based in Tower Hamlets. It is an incredibly diverse borough, both in terms of population and opportunity.  According to the ONS mid-year population estimates, the borough's population was 304,900 in June 2016.  It is a relatively young population with nearly 50% aged between 20 and 39.  Despite the borough including the huge financial wealth of Canary Wharf there are also areas of real poverty and deprivation, for example around 12% of households are in income poverty in the St Katherine's and Wapping area but 66% of Whitechapel households are in income poverty.   The Bangladeshi community is approximately a third of the population but faces significantly higher rates of income poverty, poor housing and low employment levels.

Third Sector

Tower Hamlets is fortunate that it has a vibrant third sector operating across all sectors.  LVSC suggests that the sector is above the London average in terms of the number of organisations, income and expenditure.

The LVSC suggests that there are 1,4614 charitable organisations in the borough that generate a combined income of £352.4m and employ 5,219 workers.

A large proportion of the VCS is made up of small neighbourhood community organisations working at a very local level. These are often interest groups with no staff or physical assets.

The data suggests that many VCS organisations provide services to young people or offer employment support. This would be consistent with the needs of the borough, which suggests that 8.9% of residents are unemployed (higher than the 6.6% in London and 5.7% in Britain) and the fact that the borough has a relatively young population (19.7% under 16 compared to an England average of 18.9%).

We are fortunate that we are supported by a strong local CVS.  THCVS offers local organisation resources, training, information and advice.