Up- Cycling Adventures 

During Lockdown, I created a colour coordinated set of soft furnishings for my bedroom- this was achieved by Up-Cycling a Saree I wore once for a wedding. The set consists of an indigo and diamante wall hanging with a matching throw and cushion. 

I divided the Saree into sections according to where the diamante borders were for the largest wall hanging and used the remaining fabric for the cushion and the bed throw. All items were machine stitched with basic straight lines.

Being creative not only keeps me focussed on the task in hand, it is enjoyable and therapeutic. Creativity is expansive- the more we do, the more ideas follow and open up avenues of inspiration. Re- creating something from used items gives me great satisfaction, is beneficial to the earth and costs virtually nothing. 

For me it's about transformation- Alchemy. 

More creative adventures to follow....

Lisa Leigh