"When I first accessed Working Well Trust I was in a terrible state. I just finished a photography degree at university but had no job prospects, lost my dad, was in a crumbling relationship. My mental health was at an all-time low.  

At the same time, I knew my worth, I knew I could do so much better because I did, many times before. As a gay person and a migrant to the UK, my life wasn't easy, but I've met a number of amazing people who were willing to help throughout my journey.  

WWT did countless CV reviews, mock interviews, pointed out resources, but was never pressuring me into any specific path. Especially thanks to the Business & Enterprise Advisor, I was able to find my inner strength to reach out to potential clients, start my own little business, attend events and promote my work. I discovered that it is possible to run a business whilst also having the security of a regular paid job in the interim. 

The Business & Enterprise Advisor also put me in touch directly with the Prince's Trust, whose newsletter made me aware of some technology training programs. I signed up to one and after weeks of learning, I secured a promising position at a consultancy firm. Now I'm just waiting for the Covid19 crisis to be over, so I can start this new career and reinvest in my enterprise.  

And while the crisis lasts, Working Well Trust still motivates and helps me to continue self-development" 


Business & Enterprise service user.