RA registered with Working Well Trust (WWT) in January 2018. When he registered he was unsure whether WWT would help him look for work because of his diagnosis of schizophrenia and a judgment that he wouldn't cope with employment. He was also reluctant as he thought there would be a push for him to work any type of employment/hours and that and that employers would have prejudices against his mental health and previous conviction.


WWT discussed long and short-term employment options with RA and accompanied him to meet with employers in the local area. RA demonstrated an interest in working in the mental health field and in helping others in their recovery. WWT discussed peer support with RA and he highlighted this is something he would like to work towards in the long term. Due to this interest, RA was invited to sit on the first IPS Steering Group panel in April with WWT and the ELFT Chief Operating Officer. RA's contribution to this meeting was outstanding, he pointed out many issues around stigma and the importance of mental health professionals and Employment Specialists believing in their clients as a first step toward recovery.


RA was assisted to achieve his short-term goal to work in a part time job whilst working toward his career in peer support. He started part time work with JD Sports in May and is enjoying this role. WWT is continuing to support RA with his long-term goal and is in the process of assisting him to apply for peer support training via ELFT.


Quote from RA

"Employment gives me a reason to get up in the morning; I feel more self-respected and the people around me, like my neighbours, they are more willing to respect me if they see me going to work".

It makes me feel self-worthy".