Amelia- IPS Manager

Project: Rework & Reward

What I do: I manage and support the employment team to ensure good employment outcomes for clients. This includes maintaining relationships with partners, reporting to funders and facilitating staff development and training.

I have worked for the Trust since July 2013. I’ve chosen to work in this field because I view employment as an important part of mental health and believe that everybody should have the right to work.

Outside of work: 

Friends and family, reading and Yoga. 

Laura- Senior Employment Specialist 

Project: Rework

What I do: Provide support to individuals affected by mental health issues to find paid employment. I assist with pre-employment support such as CVs, cover letters and applications and I also Liaise with employers on behalf of clients to broker job opportunities. I provide support to individuals to retain their job once they are in work. 

I have been with Working Well Trust since September 2016 and got into the sector as I am passionate about supporting and promoting mental health and wellbeing, particularly in the workplace. I enjoy seeing the benefits that employment can have on a client's confidence and self-esteem and being an advocate for the value that they can bring to an organisation. 

Outside of work: Theatre, keeping fit and travelling. 

Murat - Peer Worker

Project: IPS 

What I do: I share my lived in mental health experiences with other peers through 1-2-1 meetings and through the peer support meetings (which run every month). I also support peers with job, training and benefit applications. I also share experiences of disclosing my mental health to current / potential employers and on application forms. 

I have been working since Dec 2016. Since being a peer worker for the 1st time I have felt that my mental health has been a blessing rather then something to hide. 

Outside of work: Creative writing, listening to music, coffee, meeting friends and family, more coffee and coffee shops. 

Emily- Employment Specialist

Project: Rework

What I do: 

Outside of work: 

Sarah- Employment Specialist

Project: Reward

What I do: I joined the Working Well Trust in August 2018 as an Employment Specialist and am enjoying my new job; meeting new people and  learning new things. I share the Working Well Trust’s belief that meaningful, paid employment should be available to everyone and how it is conducive to good mental health.  I look forward to assisting clients on their individual journeys and providing ongoing support, tailored to their requirements. 

Outside of work:  I enjoy arts and crafts, cooking, diy, reading and long walks with friends and family.


Minos - Employment Specialist

Project: IPS GROW

What I do: Provide employment support to clients that are keen to find paid employment, develo

p ongoing relationships with employers to ensure prospective 

vacancies, maintain close contact with the employment service and CMHT to support clients that may face difficulties transitioning to the workplace, remain critical and observant for upcoming employment opportunities.

I joined the Trust in July 2018 and am enjoy supporting participants to improve their employability outcomes and 

Outside of work: Cycling, fitness, reading, documentaries, following performing arts.  

Ella- Employment Specialist

Project: Rework

What I do: I support and assist clients with a range of mental health issues to find employment that they're passionate about. 

I joined Working Well Trust in February 2018. I am really passionate about mental health and the fact that employment is something that everyone can succeed in. I really enjoy seeing my clients develop and achieve their goals.

Outside of work: I like to spend time with friends and family, listen to music, eat and drink Yorkshire tea (all day).

Tazneen -  Employment Specialist

Project: Reward

What I do: I support clients experiencing mental health issues work towards their goals in employment.

I started working in February 2018, I chose to work in this field because I strongly believe in the Equality Act and that everyone has a right to work. I find an immense amount joy working together with clients to reach their goals. 

Outside of work:  I enjoy spending time with friends and family. 

Karine- Employment Specialist

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What I do:

Outside of work:

Hassan- Retention Specialist

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Project: Rework and the Work and Wellbeing Hub

What I do: Provide support and advocacy to both employees, and their employers, in contexts where the employee is experiencing mental health issues and/ or stress, and the person requires assistance to successfully retain jobs,  return to work from sick leave in a safe and supportive way, and to also resolve work issues in a collaborative way.  

I have worked for the Trust since February 2006, and have always enjoyed observing participants moving on in a positive and meaningful way in the workplace.

Outside of work: Socialising, reading and music.

Roxana - Employment Specialist

Project: Rework

What I do: Provide employment support in various ways to clients that are keen to find paid employment, develop ongoing relationships with employers to ensure potential vacancies, attend clinical meetings and CPA reviews for clients as well as liaise with all staff at CMHT whilst based in their offices. 

I joined the Trust in May 2018 and I love supporting individuals to boost up their confidence and start their career path or take the next step into their career. 

Outside of work: Yoga, Travelling, Psychology, Nature and Fashion.

Dev- Employment Specialist

Project: IPS GROW

What I do: supporting clients in obtaining and sustaining paid employment and developing long term relationships with employers from a wide range of backgrounds to ensure clients have equal access to job vacancies.  I aim to provide a personalised holistic service to both clients and employers.  I Working closely with colleagues from different sectors to maximise prospective job opportunities. I joined the Trust in August 2018 and have a passion for supporting people to achieve their goals. 

Outside of work: Theatre, eating out and listening to music.

Jodie- Employment Specialist 

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