Laura- Employment Service Manager

Project: IPS

What I do: Support a brilliant team of Employment Specialists to deliver an efficient and high quality service to their clients. I have been with Working Well Trust since September 2016, having originally started as an Employment Specialist.

Outside of work: I enjoy acting, travelling, hiking, reading and yoga.

Emily- Senior Employment Specialist

Project: IPS

What I do: I work alongside clinicians in a Community Mental Health Team with clients who are accessing secondary mental health care. I provide employment support to a caseload of clients who are looking to find new employment or continue with their employment. Another part of my role is building relationships with Employers to support with filling vacancies and provide ongoing in-work support in  the workplace. I also line manage two Employment Specialists in the IPS team, providing guidance with managing their caseload. 

Outside of work: I enjoy keeping active and living a healthy lifestyle. I also like to socialise with friends with good food and fantastic music. 

Angela- Employment Specialist

Project: IPS

What I do: I am an Employment Specialist for the Psychological Therapies Services (PTS) and Dean Cross Team at NHS ELFT Mile End Hospital. I support people who are currently out of work and are looking for paid employment, or are in work and wish to find new work opportunities. I love connecting with people and encouraging them to acknowledge their personal and professional talents and to go for job roles that they really want. 

Outside of work: Going for long walks or cycle rides (with a cake stop along the way), complicated jigsaws that I love and hate at the same time and reading inspiring books.

Minos - Employment Specialist & Equalities Lead

Project: IPS

What I do: Provide employment support to clients that are keen to find paid employment, developing ongoing relationships with employers to ensure prospective vacancies, maintain close contact with the employment service and CMHT to support clients that may face difficulties transitioning to the workplace, remain critical and observant for upcoming employment opportunities.

I joined the Trust in July 2018 and am enjoy supporting participants to improve their employability outcomes and 

Outside of work: Cycling, fitness, reading, documentaries, following performing arts.  

Tazneen - Employment Specialist

Project: IPS

What I do: I support clients experiencing mental health issues work towards their goals in employment.

I started working in February 2018, I chose to work in this field because I strongly believe in the Equality Act and that everyone has a right to work. I find an immense amount joy working together with clients to reach their goals. 

Outside of work:  I enjoy spending time with friends and family. 

Tori- Employment Specialist

Project: IPS

What I do: I provide pre employment support and in-work support to our clients who are eager to find and sustain employment, whilst following the IPS model to ensure they are being supported in the most efficient and beneficial way. This involves building relationships with employers to source vacancies and opportunities for our clients, alongside working closely with the CMHT to support individuals who are finding the transition to employment challenging. 

Outside of work: Enjoy spending time with my friends and family, keeping fit, finding new music and travelling!

Charlotte- Employment Specialist

Project: IPS

What I do: I support people who have been experiencing difficulties with their mental health to find and maintain meaningful, paid employment following the IPS model. I currently work within the Enhanced Primary Care team in Tower Hamlets. 

Outside of work: I enjoy hiking, camping, baking, and spending time with friends. 

Claire- Employment Specialist

Project: IPS

What I do: I follow the IPS model in order to support our clients to find and sustain employment by working closely with the Community Mental Health Team in the Isle of Dogs. I also strive to build effective relationships with employers in order to provide job opportunities for our clients which are the best fit for them.  At Working Well Trust, we put the clients needs and wishes at the forefront of our duties.

Outside of work: In my spare time I enjoy relaxing, running and adventuring.

Murat - Peer Worker

Project: IPS

What I do: I share my lived in mental health experiences with other peers through 1-2-1 meetings and through the peer support meetings (which run every month). I also support peers with job, training and benefit applications. I also share experiences of disclosing my mental health to current / potential employers and on application forms. 

I have been working since Dec 2016. Since being a peer worker for the 1st time I have felt that my mental health has been a blessing rather then something to hide. 

Outside of work: Creative writing, listening to music, coffee, meeting friends and family, more coffee and coffee shops. 

Dimple - Employment Specialist

Project: IPS

What I do: I provide support to clients who are eager to get into paid work and have experienced challenges around their mental health. This can be through a range of activities, from honing applications and interview skills to approaching employers and building relationships to find new opportunities. I really love working with my clients to recognise their strengths and skills and move towards their goals.

I am also able to provide support and information to employers working with my clients, around topics like mental health and how to promote wellbeing in the workplace.

Outside of work: I love to draw and go on big walks with friends in my free time. I’m also a big fan of cooking spicy food and finding new music.