Hassan- In Work Lead

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Project: In Work Support

What I do: Provide support and advocacy to both employees, and their employers, in contexts where the employee is experiencing mental health issues and/ or stress, and the person requires assistance to successfully retain jobs,  return to work from sick leave in a safe and supportive way, and to also resolve work issues in a collaborative way.  

I have worked for the Trust since February 2006, and have always enjoyed observing participants moving on in a positive and meaningful way in the workplace.

Outside of work: Socialising, reading and music.

Oliva- Retention Specialist

Project: In Work Support

What I do: I provide support and advice to people who are in work and have pre-existing or emerging mental health conditions. I work with employees and their employers to support a person to return from sick leave, retain their employment or resolve various workplace issues.

Outside of work: I love to cook, films, reading and travel.

Rasna- Women’s Employment Worker

Project: In Work Support

What I do: I provide 1:1 support and advice to women who are in low paid work to progress in their careers or to find new opportunities so they can move out of in-work poverty and have a better work/life balance.

Outside of work: I enjoy playing the guitar, and I’m an absolute sci-fi nerd. I also have a fondness for animals and recently adopted a stray cat called Bean who I adore.