Marketing Specialist

The volunteer would work with us to draw up a very practical marketing plan that promotes the services to clients, funders and employers.  

As a relatively small charity we focus on our efforts on actually delivering the frontline service and so most of our resources are tied up in these activities.  We do not have a dedicated marketing person and too often materials are out of date or a mish mash of styles.

However, it is now clear that our poor marketing is actually harming the charity as it does not reflect the high standard of support we offer and agencies who do not know what we actually do are basing their decisions on out of date information.  

We would like the volunteer to look at our activities and draft a plan that is still impactful but is also realistic in how much time and resources we can offer.  This would involve working with each of the project teams to look at what they currently do, their capacity and the options available to them.  The volunteer would then work with the Chief Executive, to look at how the individual project activities can be combined with an overall marketing plan.  Ideally, the volunteer would then work with the senior management team to implement the plan's first phase.

Please go to the Reach website to apply:Reach Information and application - Marketing

Trustee with Fundraising/Income Generation Experience

The Trustee will also have special responsibility of working with the Chief Executive to develop a new fundraising strategy based on the Working Well Trust 5 year strategic plan.  We have gone through a challenging period following significant funding cuts but now we have secured funding that will support the Trust for at least the next three years.  Given that the environment has changed so significantly over the last few years we need to rethink our fundraising strategy.  In fact if we are going to sustain and hopefully grow we need to ensure that we are well placed to build on this position to secure the future of the Trust.

Please go to the Reach website to apply:Reach Information and application - fundraising