“It can be very daunting getting back into work after a prolonged absence. I started part time working for other upholsterers while I studied, the plan was always to work for myself as I believed it was the best way to manage my mental health and gain satisfaction from what I do. It has taken time, energy and a lot of work but I now have my own business and am off benefits. Don’t get me wrong I’m not rolling in it (yet 😉) But I have very happy clients, work coming in and I am very pleased with the work I produce and most surprisingly have a good work life balance.  

But I could not have done it alone, everyone one needs support and the right support is crucial.  Business & Enterprise and the Working Well Trust gave me just that. 

I found it quite overwhelming working out if was allowed to work, what the hours were, the money I could earn, not to mention the paper work. I engaged with The WWT from the very beginning. They helped with everything and if they couldn’t help they knew who could. Sometimes I was in regular contact and sometimes I wouldn’t contact them for months, but they were always there and ready to help me. Their support has been unfailing, as they are very understanding of the complex issues humans have. They are never judgemental or dismissive. They are well worth engaging with, even if you are unsure of the route you want to take they can help you find it and make it happen. They helped me be brave and and they can help you too. ❤️ "

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