Access Print and Design was established in 1992.  It is a social enterprise that promotes personal recovery by successfully combining recovery, education and vocational training in a commercial environment.

We specialise in digital print in demand so clients get experienced in technical skills associated with this activity as well as customer service and team working.

We believe that people from all parts of social could enjoy the benefits of the project.  Clients are expected to treat this a real work environment and to try something new everyday.

If you would like to find out more about the project please call Andre on 020 7613 0045.

If you would like to refer yourself or make a referral for someone else please complete Inspire_Referral_Form.doc and send to the above email. 

What people say:

“I would like to say to participants that I am proof that Access print and re-work can help one obtain a form of employment if staff feel that a participant is ready to do so. Alternatively staff can also advise a participant on training opportunities which the staff or participant feel would be of help to them.”

“My initial lack of confidence was over a period of time replaced by an optimism and a growth in my confidence level as I began meeting other participants of the service and as a result making friends.”

“I look forward to volunteering for Access because it has helped me gain confidence in myself and improved my self-image and self worth as a human being. The staff are extremely experienced in working with service users and have an excellent way of getting the best out of participants by allowing each participant to grow in their respective way. In the process building a working trust based upon a sound professional working relationship.”

“My last past five months was plagued with personal tragedies. Thankfully, with the support of Access, I am again on the path of self discovery on personal fronts, as well as my training. My confidence is returning to normalcy, and my DTP training is progressing steadily. I thank all the staff for all their assistance during turbulent periods.”

“My time here has been productive. I have gained confidence and am looking forward to a better future.”