My family
Family is very important to my recovery. Spending quality with my family is something I treasure. I have a wife and a young son and they keep me grounded and also keeps me well as we have a strong relationship. 

Mindfulness & breathing techniques
I fully recommend practising mindfulness along with breathing techniques. This is not only calming but helps with focus and motivation. 

Faith to me is very important as it keeps me grounded and is part of my daily life.  

Healthy eating
I eat very healthily. I find that having a balanced diet helps with my energy levels and makes me feel good mentally and physically. 

I enjoy playing snooker, pool, tennis, badminton and watching football. My goal one day is to play golf. I also listen to a variety of different types of music. Watching TV shows and movies that make me laugh is a good way of positively distracting the mind from focusing on negativity.

Education & learning
Education and learning new things is something I believe everyone needs to do. For me, it keeps my mind busy but it also helps to improve or update my knowledge.

Having a good sleep Is really essential for the body and mind.