The way we work is based on the Individual Placement and Support scheme.  It is based on the following:

1. It is about competitive employment - this means paid work

2. It is open to those who want to work - if you want to work but don't know how the Employment Services can help you regardless of your current skills, work experience and qualifications.

3. It is about what you want to do - we will advise you about the options and give you information but we focus on what you want to do.

4.  It works quickly - we support you to start your employment search soon after you register.

5. We are based in the clinical teams - this means we work with your mental health professional to support your employment goals.

6.  We work with employers - to find you work and to help you stay in work.

7. Unlimited support - we work with you and your employer for as long as you need us.

8.  Benefits - we will look at your benefits as part of your return to work and will refer you to specialist advice if needed.